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There are about a dozen islands in Pattaya area. Below we gave a briefly description for some of them. As you may noticed in our packages we don’t specify which exactly island you will go. This is because every time when we go to the sea we try to choose the best place for visiting, and it could vary depending on weather and other conditions. Any way the first island we will choose is Ko Khram because it’s the most beautiful place to be. If we can’t go there for some reasons the next island we choose is Ko Rin. There are more chance to meet tour groups but this island is also beautiful. In other cases we can go to any another island of Pattaya. 


Ko Khram Yai located about 24 km to the SSW of Pattaya. It is the largest of the eastern seaboard islands of Thailand and the largest island in the bay. Ko Khram is thickly wooded and uninhabited. It has length of 5.7 km and its maximum width is about 4 km. The island's coast is formed by rocky cliffs with white sandy beaches in between.


Ko Khram Noi is a small island located about 0.75 km to the north of Ko Khram Yai. This quiet and picturesque island is also part of the marine territory controlled by the navy. Since its coastal zone plays an important role in preserving the populations of sea turtles there are days when landing on it is limited. 


Ko Rin is quite popular place among the tourists. Visiting the island is included in the composition of many group excursions. Ko Rin gained popularity due to it's long beach with fine sand and small coral reef in the southern part of the island, is a nice place for snorkeling. Near the northern part of the island stop vessels for diving.


Ko Phai is almost 4 km in length and its maximum width is about 1.5 km. It is a quite craggy wooded island and a great part of its coast is formed by rocky cliffs. The whole island is high, but its highest point is only 150 m and there is not a single peak dominating the others. This island is protected natural area under the supervision of the Royal Thai Navy. Visitors must pay entrance fee and they are not allowed to stay overnight.


Six hundred metres north of Ko Laan is Ko Sak, a small island shaped like an upturned horseshoe. There are two connecting beaches to the north and south. Along the south shore are ranges of corals. The north beach is popular for swimming and snorkelling and the south beach is a good place to see coral.


 Ko Ped also known as Monkey island is a protected nature reservef of macaque monkeys in Sattahip area on the south coast of Pattaya. Since the nature reserve was established, it has become a popular touristdestination. It is now home to approximately 2,000 monkeys.

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